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Hiprex offers effective prevention of recurrent UTIs

Hiprex is an antibacterial that suppresses and eliminates the bacteria that can cause UTIs.


It all comes down to the way Hiprex works in the body. When you take a Hiprex tablet, the body breaks down the active ingredient (methenamine hippurate 1g/tablet). This agent goes to work when it reaches an acidic environment, like the bladder, killing the common bacteria that cause UTIs.1


Hiprex should be started after you have finished treatment of your current UTI. It is important to let your health professional know if you are taking any other treatments or over-the-counter medicines for your UTI as some medicines may lessen the effectiveness of Hiprex if taken at the same time. See the section on how to take Hiprex or ask your health professional.

Using antibiotics long-term to prevent recurrent UTIs

Frequent use of antibiotics has the potential to make bacteria resistant, so alternatives for preventing recurrent UTIs are becoming important. Since Hiprex is not an antibiotic, bacteria aren’t able to become resistant to it

If you are concerned about recurring UTIs, ask your health professional if Hiprex is suitable for you.


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