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Recurrent UTIs
can be prevented

Have you had two or more urinary tract infections diagnosed by your doctor in the last 6 months?

If so, you may have a recurrent urinary tract infection (UTI). UTIs are very common, particularly in women, babies and the elderly. Up to 70% of women will experience a urinary tract infection (UTI) in their lifetime, of this group up to 30% will go on to suffer recurrent UTIs.1

Although not as common, 1 in 20 men will get a UTI in their lifetime too.2

Talk to your health professional about effective prevention of recurrent UTIs.

Hiprex is an antibacterial agent that helps prevent recurrent UTIs by eliminating and suppressing urinary bacteria. Learn more about UTIs and how Hiprex can help?

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The what, why, where
and how of UTIs

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Effective prevention of
recurrent UTIs

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